[jdom-interest] getChild() vs. getChildElements()

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Thu Aug 10 11:05:33 PDT 2000

Jason Hunter wrote:
> Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> >
> > <small-rant>
> > ...
> > </small-rant>
> >
> > OK, now I'm back ;-)
> Um, I think you had a typo on your email.  The </small-rant> should have
> come right before your sig.  :-)  I think Joerg touched an exposed
> nerve.  :-)

;-) The biggest problem I have is this misconception:

Using a longer method name increases complexity.

If people say "it's less convenient" or even "I just don't like it." I
can live with it - but when people start saying that it's harder to use,
or more complex, I get really annoyed - it's just not true, and shows
either a lack of thought, or that they are intentionally building a
straw man. Either way ... grrrr ;-)

> > Folks, I understand that you want JDOM really simple for /your/
> > use-case. However, JDOM isn't for /your/ use-case, it is for simple
> > manipulation of XML in Java.
> Let me rephrase that: "JDOM isn't for your use case alone".  It

Agreed. Nice correction, Jason.

> certainly should satisfy your use case.  And based on your email I think
> it does.  We aren't going to simplify to the extent you did with your
> private API, but I don't think you were really proposing we do that
> anyway.

A quote from his mail:

> it has its specialized purpose and its clear basic definitions (you
> should have no other nodes than Elements, folks). This argument of the

I would say he was asking exactly for that - nothing but Elements ;-)

> The tenet with which we started JDOM and that I still believe is that we
> should solve 80% of people's Java/XML problems with 20% of the effort.
> We decided back in May that we could be XML 1.0 compliant and still
> accomplish this, and we're working now on proving that.  We do sometimes
> get into loud debates, but that's because we all care very much about
> this API.

Again, well-stated (and calmer ;-) ).


p.s. Excuse the stress - we're selling our house, and under major
pressure these days ;-)

> -jh-

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