[jdom-interest] The SAXParser is so slowly...

MCabrera MCabrera at SoftPoint.com.uy
Thu Aug 10 14:09:18 PDT 2000

First I read the XML string from the inputstream of a socket.

Then I create a java.io.StringReader from the XML string and finally I
create de JDOM document from de stringReader stream.

Here´s the code...

    StringReader stringReader = new StringReader(request);
    Document requestDocument = saxBuilder.build(stringReader, toString());

The problem here is that the SAXParser takes a lot of time to parse the XML
string. I'm using the org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser parser.

What can I do?.


A/P Martin Cabrera.
Departamento de Desarrollo de Sistemas.
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Tel : (598 2) 409 42 47 int 118.
Fax : (598 2) 400 43 46
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