[jdom-interest] Extending JDOM classes

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Sun Aug 13 16:58:12 PDT 2000

The standard approach to this is to have your builder build
Element/Attribute subclasses with the features you want.  There have
been discussions about enhancing SAXBuilder to support this built-in.  I
suggest you participate in those discussions (archives online) and in
the meanwhile just copy SAXBuilder and have it create objects of the
type you want.  

Downsides:  Since you're adding new methods you'll have to do some
casting.  Also, when you create new elements outside the builder you'll
have to know what kind you want to create.  


Simon Harris wrote:
> As JDOM appears to provide no factory class, is there any way to have JDOM
> us my own extensions when building from XML?
> Specifically I'd like to extend Element and Attribute to add some type aware
> methods such as Object getTextValue() or the like which would return
> String/BigDecimal/Boolean/etc. depending on the type defined in the schema.
> Additionally I'd like the methods to cache the value so as not to have to
> re-parse the text each time it is accessed. Because of this last
> requirement, it would not be practical (nor effecient IMHO) to have some
> kind of facade over JDOM.
> Regards,
> Simon.
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