[jdom-interest] Extending JDOM classes

Simon Harris Haruki_Zaemon at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 13 17:13:44 PDT 2000

Excellent Thanks. I can't really come up with a "better" solution given my
requirements. So I'll go with this solution for the short term.

All in all I think JDOM is great. sure beats the hell out of using the DOM!



P.S. Did you noticed my question regarding access to data type information
from the schema.

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> The standard approach to this is to have your builder build
> Element/Attribute subclasses with the features you want.  There have
> been discussions about enhancing SAXBuilder to support this built-in.  I
> suggest you participate in those discussions (archives online) and in
> the meanwhile just copy SAXBuilder and have it create objects of the
> type you want.
> Downsides:  Since you're adding new methods you'll have to do some
> casting.  Also, when you create new elements outside the builder you'll
> have to know what kind you want to create.
> -jh-
> Simon Harris wrote:
> >
> > As JDOM appears to provide no factory class, is there any way to have
> > us my own extensions when building from XML?
> >
> > Specifically I'd like to extend Element and Attribute to add some type
> > methods such as Object getTextValue() or the like which would return
> > String/BigDecimal/Boolean/etc. depending on the type defined in the
> >
> > Additionally I'd like the methods to cache the value so as not to have
> > re-parse the text each time it is accessed. Because of this last
> > requirement, it would not be practical (nor effecient IMHO) to have some
> > kind of facade over JDOM.
> >
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> > Simon.
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