[jdom-interest] exception with xml:lang

Stacie Clark zeclarks at sprynet.com
Fri Aug 18 08:43:15 PDT 2000

Your fixes work perfectly with my test cases.  I'm sure it took you a lot
less time to make your changes than it did for me to make mine :-)

Speaking of test cases, I've been trying to look at www.oasis-open.org to
take another look at their test beds and their site seems to be off line.
www.xml.org is also off-line.  Anyone know what's going on? (Perhaps the
site administrators are all in Montreal?)


Jason Hunter wrote:

> Stacie,
> It's spooky, you and I did similar work at almost the exact same time.
> Stacie, could you pls still check what's in CVS and see if it solves
> your problem?  Then perhaps look at the code I wrote and see if your
> version has anything I missed.  They look very similar.
> Too bad we had to do duplicate effort, but it proves the solution makes
> sense to at least two people.  :-)
> -jh-
> Stacie Clark wrote:
> >
> > I took Jason up on his challenge to find out why the special
> > cases for xml:lang and xml:space were not being used.

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