[jdom-interest] Where is JDOM version 1.0?

Scott Ellsworth scott at alodar.com
Mon Aug 21 14:23:21 PDT 2000

At 04:31 PM 8/21/2000 -0700, Mike Chambers wrote:
>I have been reading "Java and XML" by Brett Mclaughlin. In the chapter on 
>JDOM, he says that the reference implementation of JDOM is a complete 1.0 
>working product, and available for download from www.jdom.org.

I was rather surprised myself that it was not quite complete after reading 
Brett's book, but after lurking here for a few days, it became clear that 
important and useful changes are being made.  They likely could have 
declared it a 1.0 release already, as the functionality seems to be pretty 
complete, but they really, really do not want to change the interface 
afterwards.  Given that the functionality is there, a fair number of people 
are trying it, and thus they are getting the feedback that makes the 
difference between a good api, and a great one.  I am using it for some 
projects in its current state, and expect that to only increase.

Thus far, I have not yet run into a bug with what is in cvs.  All of my 
bugs have been in xerces or my own code.  This might be subject to change, 
but as of now, cvs is your friend.

>I am very interested in using JDOM, but I can find no reference
>implementation,  nor release. Indeed the best I can find is the source for 
>a Beta 4 release which is a couple of months old.

The best way to get it is to grab the source from cvs and rebuild 
yourself.  They have a tool (ANT) that handles all of the icky build crud, 
so it should be very straightforward to get a completed jar given the cvs 
source.  I found it a slam dunk under windows, and I expect the same under 
Linux.  I have not tried under a Mac, but it should not be terribly there 
either (he says speculatively.)  Further, the cvs source is far, far more 
up to date than the last build.

>The latest project status on the website says:
>"We're working on getting a 1.0 release by summer, and need your help!"
>So, is JDOM still being maintained and developed?

Yep.  I was gone for a week, and dozens of messages showed up in my inbox 
from people developing and testing it.  Even if you do not intend to 
develop new jdom code, it is worth grabbing the current cvs build and using 
it to see how it fits.  They may not change it in response to your 
comments, but I know they pay close attention and consider all requests 

>Is there a 1.0 release? If so where?

Not quite yet.  I expect Brett/Jason/Elliote/Others will make quite a to-do 
when it is ready.  As it is, the cvs code is in quite good shape, and 
probably the best code to use.  Certainly, the code as of a week ago was 
much better than that in beta 4.

Scott Ellsworth
scott at alodar.com

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