[jdom-interest] Serialization ???

Rainer Markert rmarkert at picture-safe.de
Mon Aug 21 09:25:34 PDT 2000


we were just stepping from latest beta-4-version to the actual cvs version
 version from 2000/08/17)because we need to serialize a JDOM document for
rmi transfer.
In this version, everything seemed to be serializable - but actually it
write/readObject methods in Element and Attribute (I did'nt search for more)
prevent real serialization
of a jdom tree: these methodes just serialize the Namespace - but the rest
of the member information
is lost after serialization.

 If I remove these methodes and ignore everything what has to do with
Namespace, then I can
"serialize" and "de-serialize" a JDOM document and it's element tree - but I
don't think, that the "de-serialized" object ( the object read from
ObjectInputStream ) has a correct internal state, because
the Namespace is not set correctly.

We actuallly need a fully serializable JDOM-tree -
so, am I wrong or is the there a bug in the actual version ?

Any hints for me ?

Greetings from Hamburg,

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