[jdom-interest] Serialization ???

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Aug 21 15:42:51 PDT 2000

Rainer Markert wrote:
> In this version, everything seemed to be serializable - but 
> actually it is'nt: write/readObject methods in Element and 
> Attribute (I did'nt search for more) prevent real serialization
> of a jdom tree: these methodes just serialize the Namespace - 
> but the rest of the member information is lost after serialization.

Whoops.  Forgot the defaultReadObject and defaultWriteObject calls!
I just added them to what's in CVS.  Please do a new checkout and test,
then let me know if you see any probs.  

(I'm doing my day job right now and could only spare enough time to add
the two lines, not enough time to do real testing, but sounds like you
have a good test case set up already.)


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