[jdom-interest] writing XML to a String

Lorenzo Gonzalez lgonzalez at gltg.com
Wed Aug 30 08:36:14 PDT 2000

> I wanted to use XMLOutputter to output a Document to a


	ByteArrayOutputStream xmlBaos = new

	XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter("",false); // machine-readable
	outputter.output(xmlDoc, xmlBaos);

	String xmlString = new String(xmlBaos.toByteArray());


Or something like that...


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I wanted to use XMLOutputter to output a Document to a String/StringBuffer,
which would then be wrapped up in a larger message by another system
component and sent off somewhere.

Unfortunately output() can only use a print stream, and java.io only
provides a StringWriter and no OutputStream -> Writer class.  I have a
feeling I'm missing something obvious - anyone have a suggestion?

Alternatively, does the latest cvs build now have an output(Writer) method?
(I know the javadocs aren't totally in sync with builds).


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