[jdom-interest] JDOM and Xalan

Ana Paula Fernandes afernandes at ws.uabmc.edu
Wed Aug 30 06:55:23 PDT 2000


I have been working with a class called XMLFormatter. My goal is to read external documents' formats, receive them as a string, build an XML document and apply a Style Sheet to deploy them to the client.
I decided to use JDOM with SAX parsers. As an XSLProcessor, I am trying to use Xalan API, but I cannot seem to find any example of how to output XML to an XSLProcessor and apply a style sheet to it. I am using Java, but I consider myself beginner in it. I have been using the book Java and XML from Brett McLaughlin to help me with this task. I would like to know if someone could give me some hints on how to continue implementing this class and if I have choosen the right solution or not. Important: This class is supposed to work with Servlets that will send it input strings, but we want to build it generic enough so that it won't have any dependency on servlets' structure.

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Health System Information Services
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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