[jdom-interest] Element and Document serialized forms

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Sat Jul 15 06:57:17 PDT 2000

At 3:58 AM -0700 7/13/00, Alex Chaffee wrote:

>(b) the solution to the encoding hassles is for XMLOutputter to have a
>property specifying the encoding, like Jason suggested.  Doesn't that
>take care of it?  I don't recall your objections except to wring your
>hands (said hand-wringing shared by myself and Jason) about flaws in
>java.io and in XML, over which we have no control.

What it came down to was that we could do the guaranteed correct 
thing if we only worked with streams and not with writers, and this 
was my original suggestion.

However, Jason pointed out that we couldn't use streams in servlets, 
only writers. Since this is a very important use case, I reluctantly 
agreed that we needed methods that took writers as well as methods 
that took output streams. However, I'm still hoping to discover a 
better solution.

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