[jdom-interest] JDK1.1 Compatibility - B4

Magnus Pettersson Magnus.XX.Pettersson at trab.se
Wed Jun 7 08:11:51 PDT 2000

> PS - The line termination in the B4 sources is strange. I haven't
> investigated it, but the Sun Forte IDE (formerly NetBeans)
> double-spaces everything and MS WordPad concatenates everything
> onto one line. (MS Notepad does just fine, though - for once.)

Haven't investigated the problem but I had a linefeed problem with a
textfile before.
My file look fine in MS Word or MS Wordpad but in Notepad all linefeeds
where just black squares. A correct linefeed has to be two characters
ASCII-value 13 followed by 10. (HEX 0D 0A). The text was originally written
in a form on a web-page, saved in a xml-document and later on, the content
(the text) was parsed in an XSLTProcessor to a .txt-file. All linefeeds
where only the char 13 which worked well in Word or Wordpad but Notepad
couldn't handle it, Notepad wanted 13 followed by 10. Maybe you've got some
problems with how the linefeed is represented? Well, what do I know ...


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