[jdom-interest] JDK1.1 Compatibility - B4

Thomas M. Sasala tsasala at hifusion.com
Wed Jun 7 09:22:31 PDT 2000

	The linefeeds should be handled by the system.properties.
Line feeds are only 0x0d,0x0a for windows.  Unix and Mac are 


Magnus Pettersson wrote:
> > PS - The line termination in the B4 sources is strange. I haven't
> > investigated it, but the Sun Forte IDE (formerly NetBeans)
> > double-spaces everything and MS WordPad concatenates everything
> > onto one line. (MS Notepad does just fine, though - for once.)
> Haven't investigated the problem but I had a linefeed problem with a
> textfile before.
> My file look fine in MS Word or MS Wordpad but in Notepad all linefeeds
> where just black squares. A correct linefeed has to be two characters
> ASCII-value 13 followed by 10. (HEX 0D 0A). The text was originally written
> in a form on a web-page, saved in a xml-document and later on, the content
> (the text) was parsed in an XSLTProcessor to a .txt-file. All linefeeds
> where only the char 13 which worked well in Word or Wordpad but Notepad
> couldn't handle it, Notepad wanted 13 followed by 10. Maybe you've got some
> problems with how the linefeed is represented? Well, what do I know ...
> ::magnus
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