[jdom-interest] JDOM in action

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Jun 8 18:39:05 PDT 2000

> Is JDOM used in practice to create XML (and XSL)?  


> I have looked at the
> other primary options (SAX,DOM) it seems that the closest product is JAXP
> which is much less intuitive, powerfull, and java-oriented than JDOM.  

JAXP is a common interface to get a DOM or SAX parser.  It's entirely
orthogonal to JDOM.  

> want to use JDOM for its ease of use.  However, in its beta stage I am
> unsure that it is capable of everything I need for an active dynamic web
> site.

So download and try it.

> My primary concern about Beta4 for JDOM is that I haven't been able to get
> namespaces working, I am going to post a more detailed message about this
> but please mention whether or not namespaces are working in Beta4 when
> responding.

They should be.  If they aren't, pls explain how they're failing.

> Thanks for bearing with me, I am new to this and I am in a bit of a rush, I
> have reviewed some of the source code and am interested in contributing but
> need to know if the product can help me first.

It's open source.  If you need something no one else has done, you can
write it.  I'm sure you're in no more of a rush than the rest of us. 


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