[jdom-interest] comments in JDOM

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Thu Jun 8 22:51:52 PDT 2000

> Kevin Regan wrote:
> Does JDOM include comments in the tree?  Is there a way to shut
> off this behavior?  Would it be possible to have a builder flag
> that toggles this?


So you write a 3 page email on how we need to religiously adhere to the
nuances of the specification on whitespace, and know we can ignore
comments? This is a slippery slope. When can we turn off PIs? Are there
times where we can just ignore placement? What about entities and entity
references? Maybe ignore attributes?

Right now, I would prefer folks concentrate on brining the core to a
stable state. There are still things to be done, especially on
namespaces and entities. If you folks want all these fringe features
(some of which are great!), then let's really push the core so we can
all spend time on it... fair enough?


p.s. Nice meeting many of you this week at JavaOne!

> Thanks,
> Kevin

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