[jdom-interest] PrintWriter in XMLOutputter

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Jun 19 16:07:56 PDT 2000

> > I'm looking at XMLOutputter right now, and I'm wondering why it makes
> > such heavy use of PrintWriter? 

> I'm OK with this - particuarly from our lauded "Network Programming" and
> "I/O" guy ;-) XMLOutputter was around class #5 or so that we wrote, so
> it's plausible, if not probable, that it isn't bulletproof - Jason, you
> wrote most of that code, do you concur with Elliotte? If so, Elliotte,
> you want to take that one?

I don't see any reason not to use OutputStreamWriter.  I just used
PrintWriter cuz, hey, I'm a servlet guy.  :-)

Elliotte, if you want to take care of this, that'd be great.  Either a
patch or a new copy of the file is fine.  Otherwise I'll do it next
chance I get.  Meanwhile, while we have the "I/O" guy listening, why the
hell does PrintWriter *not* throw IOException?


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