[jdom-interest] printEntity() default behavior

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Wed Jun 21 10:08:11 PDT 2000

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
> Currently, when XMLOutputter outputs a document, it uses general entity
> references like &stat; to output any Entity nodes. In other words, it
> does not merge the entity's contents into the output document. Is this
> indeed the default behavior we want? Or would it be better to actually
> include the content of the entity directly in the output document?

Since it is XMLOutputter, I am a bit torn (for instance, if it was
ContentOutputter or something, it would be simple - expand the
entities). But since it's XML, we always need to at least escape &, <,
and >. So do those become special case, or are they just any other
non-expanded entity reference?

I am still forming an opinion, but wanted to add and try to draw a
response... everyone?

> Note, that whichever default behavior we pick, my revision of
> XMLOutputter allow subclasses to change this behavior relatively easily
> (which they can't easily do now) so we aren't locking ourselves into one
> approach, no matter which way we go.

Very nice... I agree.


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