[jdom-interest] jdom.jar file naming convention

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Jun 22 16:54:08 PDT 2000

Jon Baer wrote:
> I agree, I think I have 5 different versions laying around here, 

I tend to agree it should be jdom.jar too.  After all, what would we
name JARs people make themselves?  I just changed the build.xml file on
my system to reflect this change.  I'll check it in unless someone has a
good objection.

(More comments below)

> I recently
> downloaded a friends .jar file (he is doing an open source wap project) and I noticed
> the interesting way he packaged his stuff:
> He had a package to deal with versioning and to-do and laid all his info in an xml
> file inside Meta-Inf which seemed interesting, he had:
> org.ewapo.internal.Intro
> org.ewapo.internal.Version
> org.ewapo.internal.ToDo
> org.ewapo.internal.Contributors
> And inside Meta-Inf he had:
> intro.xml
> version.xml
> todo.xml
> contributors.xml
> Does this make sense?

We should explore the idea of META-INF in the JAR containing info like
this.  At minimum, it should have the version, and maybe a build time
and perhaps even a build person.  Need to dig up good docs on how to use
META-INF.  (Anyone have a pointer?  I'm supposed to be writing my second
edition this afternoon.)  Having the info as XML has a certain elegance;
you could use JDOM to read it!  :-)


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