[jdom-interest] jdom.jar file naming convention

James Duncan Davidson james.davidson at eng.sun.com
Mon Jun 26 18:00:34 PDT 2000

> Alex Chaffee wrote:
>> I have a request.  In future versions, please name the jar file
>> "jdom.jar" and not "jdom-b5.jar".  That way users don't have to change
>> their classpaths, and/or rename files, and/or worry about old versions
>> laying around.  We can just unzip and go.

Actually, I *Like* having the b5 in the name. On JDK 1.2, I just throw these
sorts of jars into my lib/ext directory where they are taken care of. Having
the version number in the name lets me know what I've got in there. I do
this with the Mac JDK 1.1 as well (system:extensions:MRJ
Libraries:MRJClasses or some such).

After having used Environment Variable classpaths for a years and years, I'm
now firmly *not* using them.


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