[jdom-interest] speed of DOM vs JDOM

Matthew Merlo matthew.j.merlo at lmco.com
Tue Jun 27 11:05:22 PDT 2000

> Just be aware that someone needs to step in and write DOMOutputter
> still.  Since it sounds like you may have a need for that class and have
> a knowledge of DOM, perhaps it could be you.  Brett estimated 3 hours to
> write it.

Hmmmm, I could have sworn that Kevin Regan was writing that...otherwise I
would have jumped on that a while ago.  I've got time this weekend to give
it a crack.

> Of course, one reason it's not written is that people find ways to avoid
> DOM.  If you could avoid ever taking your document back to DOM you'll
> get a definite performance/memory improvement.

Of course but DOM is W3C after all and in order to leverage the standard
most of our customers are seeing/using (for now anyway), it is much easier
to ready our infrastructure to pass a client (GUI tool) a DOM as opposed to
try to convince everyone to use JDOM...besides, not everyone is as smart as
you guys ;)  Perhaps in a few months JDOM will kick enough ass that this
won't even be an issue ;)

Perhaps many of my questions will be answered in writing the DOMOutputter.
If you or Brett have an outline in mind for writing it (or at least a
starting point) I'd be glad to get on it.

- Matt

> -jh-

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