[jdom-interest] TestCase_Attribute

Jools Enticknap jools at jools.org
Wed Jun 28 05:20:58 PDT 2000

Hi Philip

Thanks for the test case submission.

I have apologise for the berevity of this email as I fell of my bike today
and I've only got one hand to type with, so please bear with me :-(

I'm going through another interation of the autogeneration code which will
create interfaces rather than concrete classes, however you code will move
over very easily.

I'll be posting more on the jdom-test module in a couple of days time,
after I get my left arm ( and yes, I'm left handed ) out of this blasted


> Please comment on the style.  I included very basic messages with each
> assertion to help track which part of each test method may have failed.  I
> did test exceptions where the api specifically mentioned certain behaviour
> like DataConversionExceptions.  I did not extensively test all possible
> bogus values in all tests, making the assumption that tests for Verifier
> would have to handle a lot of that that.  I could go farther with nulls
> however if you all think that's a good idea.
> I also commented out the inherited Object method tests like wait() and
> notify().  Reasonable?

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