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Patrick Balm Patrick.Balm at bibit.com
Wed Jun 28 22:51:29 PDT 2000

Jason Hunter wrote:

> I was just perusing through Enhydra's XMLC package and in there they
> have a class called DOMFormatter that plays a role similar to JDOM's
> XMLOutputter.  What's interesting is they have an OutputOptions class
> they pass to its constructor where they tweak behavior.  It's not as
> powerful as what Elliotte proposed we could do through subclassing, but
> it does seem like they covered most of the common bases, and we could
> still allow subclassing for power uses:
>  void setIndenting(boolean enable)
>                        Enable or disable indentation.
>  void setIndentSize(int size)
>                        Set indentation size.
>  void setJavaEncoding(java.lang.String newJavaEncoding)
>                        Set the encoding using the Java encoding name.
>  void setLineWidth(int width)
>                        Set the width at while long lines are split
>                        when indentation is enabled.
>  void setOmitEncoding(boolean omit)
>                        Set flag indicating if encoding should be
>                        omitted from the XML header.
>  void setPreserveSpace(boolean preserve)
>                        Set the default space-preservation flag.
>  void setXmlEncoding(java.lang.String newXmlEncoding)
>                        Set the encoding using the XML encoding name.
>  void setXmlEncoding(java.lang.String newJavaEncoding,
>                      java.lang.String newXmlEncoding)
>                        Set both the XML and Java encodings.
> It's interesting they have separate Java encodings and XML encodings.
> Presumably they want to support "UTF8" in Java but "UTF-8" in the XML
> file?  I wonder what encoding makes that necessary.  Any ideas why you'd
> want setOmitEncoding()?

In a XML & Java book that I have it states:
"The XML 1.0  recommendation stipulates that every conforming XML processor must
both UTF-8 and UTF-16."
UTF-8 is in my opinion for US and UTF-16 for other countries.

But if you look at the method name setOmitEncoding(boolean) it is hard to tell if
this is what 'they'

Patrick Balm.

> Flags that we definitely could use would be setLineWidth() and
> setPreserveSpace().  It's interesting we've been talking about those
> lately.  Whether encoding should be done as a boolean/int as they do or
> just as a String as we do (where "" means no indent, "  " means two
> space indent, and "\t" means tab indent) is debatable.  Also debatable
> is if it's better to pass an "options" object or just call setXXX()
> methods directly on the outputter.
> Opinions/comments?
> -jh-
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