[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter

markd at lutris.com markd at lutris.com
Wed Jun 28 23:19:42 PDT 2000

Patrick Balm <Patrick.Balm at bibit.com> writes:
> "The XML 1.0  recommendation stipulates that every conforming XML processor must
> support
> both UTF-8 and UTF-16."
> UTF-8 is in my opinion for US and UTF-16 for other countries.
> But if you look at the method name setOmitEncoding(boolean) it is hard to
> tell if this is what 'they' mean.

The omit encoding option indicates that the encoding atrribute be omitted from
the XML header.  This is a hack for WML support.  It turns out that there are
a lot of some broken WML phones.  They want ASCII encoding, but if you set the
encoing attribute, it crashes the phone :-)


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