[jdom-interest] any cisco employees on this mailing list?

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Nov 13 14:32:10 PST 2000

> (1) JDOM is, in fact, w3c.dom api (can convert back and forth 
> between JDOM documents and w3c.dom documents)

JDOM is not a W3C API.  However it does work well with the W3C DOM API.

> (2) JDOM is for Java: It simplifies XML api into a content more
> natural for Java development


> (3) JDOM continues the process of streamlining XML for Java, in 
> that in builds on and extends the JAXP technology from Javasoft

JDOM does not use JAXP.  JAXP solves DOM problems we don't have, so you
don't need to use another API -- and don't need to have your legal team
read a long license statement about when you can use jaxp.jar and when
you can't.

> (4) JDOM has Apache Xerces XML DOM parser, bundled in, for free.

The real reason to use JDOM is because it's learning curve is softer and
its design more useful.  Your programmers will be up and running in
hours instead of days, and will get more done every minute they work.

A reason not to be afraid of JDOM is that it's on track to become an
official standard through the JSR process.  That's more than SAX, which
is actually not slated to become a formal standard but no doubt used
within Cisco.

The largest reason not to use JDOM is that it's not finalized yet.  It's
quite usable, but API calls are subject to change.


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