[jdom-interest] XML DevCon BOF to announce JATO

adam flinton aflinton at armature.com
Tue Nov 14 06:00:21 PST 2000

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> Subject: [jdom-interest] XML DevCon BOF to announce JATO
> Hi everyone,
> Wednesday morning at XML DevCon in San Jose we're holding a BOF where
> we'll introduce JATO, an innovative data binding API built on JDOM. 
> JATO allows you to map XML data into Java objects, and vice 
> versa, using
> an XML data file to dictate the mapping.  It was created by a former
> business associate and uber-hacker friend of mine for his work on a
> large scale commercial project.  It worked great on the project, and
> he's gotten permission to open it up, probably under the JDOM Project
> umbrella.  If you're interested in learning more, come to the 
> San Simeon
> room at the Doubletree (where the conference is) at 10:45am this
> Wednesday.

Is there anything yet which would help in building Swing GUI'es off an XML
doc (similar to the IBM  select bean (which you get with VAJ)? I.e.
something which can map a schema/DTD & generate a bean which represents it &
to which you can then attach UI elements (e.g. JTextFields)....

> P.S.  You'll also learn how JATO got its name.  Hint: it's from the
> military.

What Java Atlantic Treaty Organization? Java Assisted Take Off?

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