[jdom-interest] jdom w/ vaj and wte

GB/DEV - Philip Nelson philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Tue Nov 14 06:45:35 PST 2000

> Hi I hope someone can just give me some clues here. I have 
> searched for 
> answers but in vain. I am trying to use jdom. I can not use 
> Xerces in Visual 
> Age because websphere test environment needs to use 
> ibmxmlforjava to run. 
> Both Xerces and IBMXML4J specify same packages so I can't 
> have both. However 
> when using jdom with IBMXML4J there are plenty of classes 
> JDOM is trying to 
> find that are not in IBMXML4J (eg XMLReaderFactory).Is there 
> a workaround? Is
> there a way I can use Xerces, or can I use IBM's parser with 
> some  fix pack? 
> Please help!

I do this every day but the workaround is a little bit painful.  The problem
is in how VAJ does class paths and the unfortunate way everybody packages up
their parser.  In my setup I have to contend with XML4J, ProjectX and
Xerces. What I did was

1 - put a parser on the workspace from the repository into it's own project
2 - remove the org.w3c.*** classes from that project in the workspace
3 - create a new project for the org.w3c.* classes
4 - move the latest versions of the org.w3c classes into that project.

Now as you repeat 1+ 2 for additional parsers, the org.w3c classes should go
into that org.w3c project (with a possible warning).  This means that you
should bring in the parser with the latest org.w3c classes last.  It also
means that the feature installs will usually mess you up since they don't
seem to use the normal way of moving from the repository.  You can always
update the classes after the fact from the repository.

These steps are from memory by the way, so don't take them totally literally

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