[jdom-interest] inheritance in xml

Eric Rasmussen eric at websidestory.com
Tue Nov 14 14:29:44 PST 2000

I recently came across this question in the xml-interest group:

> How do you represent inheritance in xml (or is
> it even possible)?

Then, I saw a posting in the jdom group, saying the following:

> Wednesday morning at XML DevCon in San Jose we're holding a BOF where
> we'll introduce JATO, an innovative data binding API built on JDOM. 
> JATO allows you to map XML data into Java objects, and vice 
> versa, using
> an XML data file to dictate the mapping.  

So, my question is:  will inheritance rules be consistent across the Java-XML and XML-Java mappings?  That is, if I map a class and subclass into xml, and back to Java, will they still be class and subclass?

My guess is that the XML data file will determine the rules, thereby making such a mapping possible, but that is just a guess.

By the way, is there somewhere I can read more about JATO?

    - eric
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