[jdom-interest] Element Reference from Attribute

Jerry Lawson jerry.lawson at virtualsummit.com
Thu Nov 16 11:54:17 PST 2000

Here's my thoughts: I like the simplicity of the JDOM as opposed to the
cumbersome DOM API. I would hate to for DOM2 requirements on
JDOM, cuz then it wouldn't be JDOM anymore.
I applaud the creators of JDOM for maintaining the position of not allowing
feature creep. Once the creep starts, it becomes a wave.
I have taken to extending the JDOM classes for my applications.
This meant that I had to re-invent the SAXBuilder so that it does
'new' on *my* (extended) objects, rather than the standard Element,
Attribute, CDATA, etc. I was able to do this without having to hack up
JDOM source code (although I did fix-up Namespace.java as per many
previous postings to this list).

Kesav Kumar wrote:

> We should have a way to get the Element reference from the Attribute.  I was
> trying to design DOM Level2 feature of Events incorporating in JDOM this
> requires all possible navigation capabilities from any node to root node.
> Has any one thought of implementing DOM Level2 for JDOM?  If we think DOM
> Level2 we must provide a way to get the total path to the root from any node
> including PI's, Attributes and even from CDATA sections.  Plz put forward
> your thoughts on this.
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