[jdom-interest] Element Reference from Attribute

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Thu Nov 16 16:43:15 PST 2000

> Has any one thought of implementing DOM Level2 for JDOM?  

That makes as much sense as asking, "Has anyone thought of implementing
JDOM for DOM Level2?"  They're two different APIs for interacting with

> We should have a way to get the Element reference from the Attribute. 

Probably.  You'll notice it's in the TODO.txt.  The concern is it comes
at the expense of additional memory consumption.  We have this proposal
for holding a pointer to an attrib parent, and another proposal for each
element to hold a pointer to user data.  Are we sure these features are
important enough to justify adding 4 bytes of extra memory to every
single JDOM element and attribute?


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