[jdom-interest] Code Submission: SAXBuilder, SAXHandler,SAXFa ctory refactor...

James Strachan james at metastuff.com
Mon Nov 20 08:09:01 PST 2000

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From: "Jerry Lawson" <jerry.lawson at virtualsummit.com>
> James,
> I got your new files, and made one local change to your SAXBuilder.java:


> Also, your javadoc {@link SAXBuilder.setFactory()} in
> SAXFactory.java is broken. It should be (IMO):
> {@link SAXBuilder#setFactory(SAXFactory)}

Well spotted. I hadn't JavaDoc debugged ;-)

> I'm hoping for your changes to get incorporated into standard
> jdom distribution. 

Me too! :-D

Thanks for your input.


James Strachan
email: james at metastuff.com
web: http://www.metastuff.com

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