[jdom-interest] Code Submission: Refactoring of SAXBuilder

Rosen, Alex arosen at silverstream.com
Mon Nov 20 11:06:50 PST 2000

James Strachan <james at metastuff.com> wrote:
<< Incorporating these changes into CVS should then allow anyone to add any
special applicaiton specific attributes to Element, Attribute or whatever.
Particularly, bob's work on XPath should be quite straightforward, now an
XPathAttribute / XPathElement can be done to store the necessary
relationships (e.g. Attribute to store its owning Element). >>

Suppose I wanted to create my own Element subclasses with my own typed
user-data methods. I'd have to decide whether to subclass Element or
XPathElement, depending on if I wanted to use XPath functionality, right?
And decide which SAXFactory (or whatever) to subclass?

Also, if I had an existing app that used JDOM, and I wanted to add some code
that used XPath, I'd have to go back and change the SAXBuilder I was using
to be the XPath one - or change all my construction code to create
XPathElements (etc) instead of Elements, right?


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