[jdom-interest] JDOM as a JSR

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Oct 20 16:19:28 PDT 2000

adam flinton wrote:
> I have been following JDOM with a great deal of interest & 
> am wondering (a) How many more beta's are planned (b) When V1.0 
> is planned & (c) What is needed b4 V1.0?

The TODO.txt file in the root dir of the project gives a fairly accurate
representation of what remains to be done.  

As for schedule, that's always hard to say in an open source project. 
One thing outside the TODO.txt that has an impact is the fact that we're
looking at putting JDOM through the formal Java Specification Request
(JSR) process, the standard for new Java APIs.  JDOM hits the
intersection of XML and Java, but being a Java API it seems to me better
suited for the JSR process than something like the OASIS process.

The JSR process is also something Brett and I are familiar with and
comfortable working with -- although we're going to force it to be more
open than it traditionally has been.  We are absolutely going to
maintain open development and an open source license, with the JSR
process raising the project's visibility and providing ratification of
the API as a standard.  In the end, this helps JDOM become something
that could ship as part of JAXP and therefore with a future version of
the JDK.  It also helps demonstrate the JSR process can work for open
source projects.

Running JDOM through the JSR makes it vitally important we get the 1.0
release right, so that may impact schedule.  The good news is that JDOM
is already quite usable today and you may want to consider using it even
before we freeze the API.


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