[jdom-interest] JDOM as a JSR

bob bob at accurev.com
Fri Oct 20 17:44:06 PDT 2000

> Running JDOM through the JSR makes it vitally important we get the 1.0
> release right, so that may impact schedule.  The good news is that JDOM
> is already quite usable today and you may want to consider using it even
> before we freeze the API.


As you know, I'm attempting to implement many W3C standards/recommendations
on top of JDOM.  But there seem to be some limitation between how JDOM
represents a document, as the actual base XML spec.

We've already seen the Namespace thing crop up (and solved recently, thanks 
to Brett).  

But there are some other things, such as comments/PI's existing only in
the Document and not actually as children of the Elements in which they
appear in the byte-stream.  

I think it's little things like that which could ultimately limit
it's usefulness across the board for other projects.

Yes, JDOM is darn handy for manipulation of XML documents, but
it makes it difficult to create a completely compliant implementation
of XPath, for example.  An uncompliant XPath leads to an uncompliant
XSLT processor and uncompliant XML-canonicalization processor.

I could see these issues cropping up in front of other committees,
when attempting to gain official recognition.

Though, I'd like to see JDOM kill DOM for the Java platform.

So, should I...

	... beg & plea for some changes?
	... wait until the JSR process, and bring up these issues again?
	... submit verbose use-cases, referencing examples and standards?
	... submit patches to fix what I see is wrong?

		(grateful for the Namespace fixes, but would
		like a few more regarding namespaces, and other

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