[jdom-interest] XML exchange by Socket connections

Otavio Rezende da Silva otavio at teccomm.les.inf.puc-rio.br
Tue Oct 24 05:11:05 PDT 2000

Hello all,

I'm building a Client-Server application which communicates using XML. To make the exchange of XML files I'm doing Socket connections in Java. The problem I am facing is that I can't build the dom tree by parsing the received XML file using DOMBuilder.build( InputStream in ) before closing the connection. This method blocks until the client's OutputStream is closed. The problem ist that when the OutputStream is closed the same happens to the connection, and I can't send the server response. I have alredy tried to make an Adapter class tha calls flush instead of close (in the client's side), but I didn't work. 
I don't know if any of you have already experienced the same problem, but I would appreciate any kind of help.

Best Regards,


 Otavio Rezende da Silva 
 Grupo TecComm - PUC-Rio    
 Tel: (21) 540-6915 r 110                   
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