[jdom-interest] Moving to DOM2/SAX2 via JAXP1.1

adam flinton aflinton at armature.com
Tue Oct 24 05:45:43 PDT 2000

Dear All,

I am helping to build a free app which transfers between XML & DBMS'es (both
2 Db & 2 XML) called XML-DBMS http://www.rpbourret.com/xmldbms/index.htm

We are currently working on Version 2 which amongst other things should use
schema's instead of DTD'es, a GUI & properties files for choosing the JDBC
connection & the XML parser (@ the mo' the latter 2 have to be edited in the
source code & then recompiled).

We are looking to simplify as part of the rewrite & as such I am
investigating using JAXP1.1 as @ the moment we have separate class'es for
different namespacing,getting a SaxParser etc due to differences between the
different parsers / implemenations. 

I note that 2 classes / interfaces have been deprecated i.e

Parser - 

Deprecated. This interface has been replaced by the SAX2 XMLReader
interface, which includes Namespace support. 
This was the main event supplier interface for SAX1; it has been replaced in
SAX2 by XMLReader, which includes Namespace support and sophisticated
configurability and extensibility.


AttributeList implements the deprecated SAX1 AttributeList interface, and
has been replaced by the new SAX2 AttributesImpl interface.

When it says that XMLReader includes namespace support is that a std
namespace such as is set out in
http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/REC-xml-names-19990114/ ?

If so can we junk the different implementations for each parser & namespace?

For example I can see that the Sun "Crimson" parser & the IBM4J/Xerces
implement JAXP...does anyone know about the Oracle parser for java?

If we could get to Parser / namespace neutrality / standards then it would
help slim down the code by a great deal.

Anyone with any views WRT JAXP & which parsers (JAVA) ***DON'T*** implement
JAXP & if they don't wether they will? i.e. covering all parsers / namespace
implementations could become a real chore & as such if we can sit on top of
JAXP/DOM2/SAX2 then that would be great.

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