[jdom-interest] grammar not found

Leibundguth, Jonathon jleibundguth at doghouse.com
Thu Oct 26 10:39:20 PDT 2000

I have an xml file with a dtd that I build using a SAXBuilder on my machine.
It works there.
When I try the code on my friend's machine, it throws a JDOMException with
the following message:

	http://www.doghouse.com/ grammar not found

referring to the namespace I'm using.  We are both using the updated JDOM
b5.  What does this
message mean and why is it bombing?  I have validation on and have checked
and re-checked that
we are using the same xml and dtd files and that the dtd is correct for the
file including the declaration of the

	<!ATTLIST dh:exception-set xmlns:dh CDATA #FIXED

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