[jdom-interest] Javadocs

Clark, Stacie sclark at e-numerate.com
Tue Sep 5 07:26:36 PDT 2000

  I looked at the XML file that is the basis for building with Ant (I have
not been familiar with Ant, though clearly that must change :-) and of
course using "build javadoc" is the correct solution.  Since several people
had asked about javadoc, and no one had mentioned that the XML file
supported this build, I assumed that the build file didn't support javadoc
and we had to "roll our own." Sorry to have wasted everyone's time.

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> > I realize that the official project JavaDocs will not be 
> built until 
> > beta5. Rather, I was suggesting that some users might prefer to 
> > build their own Javadocs in the interim. 
> What's wrong with "build javadoc"?  It's a standard build target we've
> had since the beginning.
> -jh-

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