[jdom-interest] Patch to build.xml

Galluzzo, Eric EGalluzzo at synchrony.net
Wed Sep 6 12:54:56 PDT 2000

Trying to build with JDK 1.1, I found that I needed to add the following at
line 109 of build.xml from the latest nightly source snapshot:

    <replace dir="${build.src}" includes="**"
             token="java.util.Set" value="${coll.import}.Set"/>
    <replace dir="${build.src}" includes="**"
             token="java.util.HashSet" value="${coll.import}.HashSet"/>

I'm afraid I'm on NT and so can't conveniently do a diff -c -- sorry about
that.  However, with this change, JDOM does compile successfully (I haven't
tried running anything with it yet, though).

	- Eric

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