[jdom-interest] Multiple copies

Joerg joerg at freiheit.com
Mon Sep 11 08:18:04 PDT 2000

I received over 150!  :-o copies of the messages from Jeremiah Jahn and Travers Waker


Jason Hunter wrote:

> Some of you may be getting multiple copies of some recent messages.  My
> best guess is Mailman has a bug where manually approved non-subscriber
> posts are sent out multiple times.  This happened (to me at least, some
> people only saw a single message) earlier in the week but fortunately
> stopped after about 12 duplicates.  :-)  I sent a note to our hosting
> company, to see if they did an upgrade or something that might cause
> this new problem.  If anyone of you are Mailman gurus and know about
> this kind of thing, let me know.
> -jh-
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