[jdom-interest] The list is back under control

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Sep 11 10:54:41 PDT 2000

OK, the jdom-interest list is back under control.  Here's the word from
DJ on the support staff.  Sorry for the email flood.

I think I've got the jdom-interest list back under control (as of about
1:00 AM). [I signed up for the list and at least I'm not getting
multiple copies.]  As a consequence of working on this, digests did NOT
go out at midnight.  They will resume tonight, and contain 2 days worth
of posts.

This is definitely a bug in Mailman 2.0b5.  (Which we upgraded in
mid-August to fix some queueing problems in the back end.) The bug is in
the program that runs from cron to re-attempt to deliver messages that
were previously "undeliverable" or had some sort of delivery error.

A fix was completed Friday, but has not been made available yet.  I'll
upgrade/patch mailman as soon as I can get my hands on the fix.  In the
meantime, I'll cut the cron job back to every 30 minutes from every 4
mins.  That should at least limit the volume of any recurrances.

I think I've got the offending messages cleared out of the system, but
they may pop up again.  Please let me know if they do.


P.S.  Bet we had the most popular open source project over the weekend,
as measured by mailing list traffic.  :-)

P.P.S.  Until I get word this problem has been fixed I will approve no
non-subscriber posts.  Those are the posts that triggered this bug.  If
you want to post from an address that's not subscribed, see the FAQ for

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