[jdom-interest] getChildren() vs getElements()

Andre Van Delft avandelft at epo.org
Mon Sep 18 01:22:28 PDT 2000

"Peter V. Gadjokov" wrote:

> But point taken, I'll try to make my spewage more brief and structured. What
> I was suggesting was  -
> - Move away from the 'tree-of-everything' model
> - Adopt a 'tree-of-elements' model
> - change the API to reflect this
>         - children/parent stay and make sense and are about Elements
>         - content (as a collection of everything
>         in an element) becomes superfluous and is removed
> - change the implementation to reflect this
>         - less PartialList, more type-specific containers

But should addChild then stay? I quote from my posting of July 21:

> I find the name getChildren misleading.
> When I do an addChild(String), I would expect this to
> influence the result of a call to getChildren(). It does not.
> I propose to replace the name by getChildElements().
> Alternatively addChild(String) could be renamed addString(String).

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