[jdom-interest] getChildren() vs getElements()

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Wed Sep 20 14:01:28 PDT 2000

Alex Chaffee wrote:
> > getChildElements makes perfect sense, because an Element can easily
> > refer to other elements than its own children.
> "Easily?"  I think it would be very difficult to interpret
> getElements() as returning anything but its own children.

I think with XPath, that isn't neccessarily true.

> That is, there are a certain number of common-sense first-blush
> interpretations about what getElements() would return.  All of these
> interpretations would be cleared up with a simple look at the JavaDoc,
> but for the sake of those seat-of-the-pants desperadoes who just hack
> out code based on "javap org.jdom.Element", then post urgent messages


> to jdom-interest after their first compile-time error, we would do
> well to examine these interpretations.
> Interpretation 1:  getElements() returns the child elements one level deep
> This is the correct interpretation and feels natural to anyone who's
> used Java collections.
> Interpretation 2:  getElements() returns the child elements all levels deep
> There is no collection class in java.util, or most anywhere else, that
> recurses by default.  In fact, suggestions to add getAllElements() or
> equivalent have been dissed by Jason with "just use a recursive
> Iterator loop like everyone else" implying that that's The Right Way
> to get all elements recursively.  Also, it can be expensive to get all
> children, so that's another reason to assume it does not recurse.
> Interpretation 3:  getElements() returns the parent element
> Yeah, right :-)
> Interpretation 4:  getElements() returns all sibling elements
> Anyone with a basic concept of tree structure would not expect a child
> to refer to its siblings unless through an explicitly-named
> getSiblings() or getNextChild() etc.
> Are there any other elements that an element could "easily" refer to?
> Brett, I hope this helps you work through your phobia of getElements() :-)
> I really believe it's not ambiguous, and that its ambiguity is the
> only potential problem.

I have less of a phobia for getElements() than for getChildren(),
certainly. But thanks for the help, you can bill me ;-) My biggest
concern is with XPath. But if people are OK with that, and really
against getChildElements(), I can live with getElements() much more
easily than getChildren().


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