[jdom-interest] is XLink the way to combine multiple XML documents?

James Sinnamon sinnamon at usq.edu.au
Fri Apr 6 14:30:51 PDT 2001

Firstly, thanks for the excellent JDOM library.  It has probably saved me from quite
a few
hours of mental convolutions in trying to understand either SAX or DOM or both.

Apologies if this question seems naive.  I wish to avoid having to combine a lot of
XML documents
into a reallly huge document.

Is XLink the way to do this, and if so, can it be done in such a way that the broken
document  would appear to JDOM to be no different than the equivalent single

... In other words, would the code necessary to read a composite XML document need
be very different, if at all, from the code necessary to read one single large

(BTW, I presume that using 'entities' declared in DTD files is not the way to do
If my understanding of entities is correct, it seems far too cumbersome to have
each entity, intop which one wishes to break down a document, inside the DTD file.)



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