[jdom-interest] [Off topic] Java equivalent to C printf()

Kenworthy, Edward edward.kenworthy at exchange.co.uk
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The short answer is, you're doing it wrong. The longer answer is to use
StringBuffer and a loop.

For functionality far superior to printf have a look at MessageFormat in the
java.text package.

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My apologies for this 'off topic' question, but I don't know a suitable list
to post
the question to.
I am hopeful that someone out there might know the answer.

Essentially I am interested to know, how in Java, one accomplishes the same
sort of
string formatting
that is accomplished by the C printf() and sprintf() functions.  I have
trawled through
so many
books on Java and Java reference books, but the information does not seem to
be there.

As I am unable to find this information, my string formatting code is
extremely ugly
and verbose,
and the output still looks ghastly.



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