[jdom-interest] Lazy parsing

Spitz,Ayal aspitz at mitre.org
Mon Apr 16 06:13:41 PDT 2001

Hi -

I'm a new user of JDOM, and have been using it only for a short while. A
co-worker, that pointed JDOM out to me, mentioned that there was an
interest in a lazy parser. The rough description that I got was that there
was a need for a quick parser that would be able to go threw an XML
document and extract the bare essentials of the XML document, building a
very light tree along the way, This tree would then be used later on to go
back into the XML document and perform a more extensive parse of part of
the tree.

It just so happens that I have such a parser. It takes one pass threw a XML
document and returns a tree of light weight Tag objects. A Tag object
contains the number of bytes to the beginning and end of each XML tag, the
name of the tag, and the namespace which it lives in.

Is there still an interest in such code? I would be more then happy to
either give this code, to the right people to integrate into JDOM, or work
with someone to integrate it in.

Any interest? - AYAL

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