[jdom-interest] Lazy parsing

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Mon Apr 16 06:51:58 PDT 2001

Id be interested in it, but what does the Tag object contain that would not be in the
Element class?

Id like to see there be a "basic" lightweight parser to be in JDOM (instead of Xerces
as the default), so if your parser can construct a JDOM Document then Id be
interested in it.  Can I ask what other people are using (thats free and lightweight)
when they use SAXBuilder(parser)?

- Jon

"Spitz,Ayal" wrote:

> Hi -
> I'm a new user of JDOM, and have been using it only for a short while. A
> co-worker, that pointed JDOM out to me, mentioned that there was an
> interest in a lazy parser. The rough description that I got was that there
> was a need for a quick parser that would be able to go threw an XML
> document and extract the bare essentials of the XML document, building a
> very light tree along the way, This tree would then be used later on to go
> back into the XML document and perform a more extensive parse of part of
> the tree.
> It just so happens that I have such a parser. It takes one pass threw a XML
> document and returns a tree of light weight Tag objects. A Tag object
> contains the number of bytes to the beginning and end of each XML tag, the
> name of the tag, and the namespace which it lives in.
> Is there still an interest in such code? I would be more then happy to
> either give this code, to the right people to integrate into JDOM, or work
> with someone to integrate it in.
> Any interest? - AYAL
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