[jdom-interest] Factories for Builders

John Gaunt jgaunt at netscape.com
Tue Apr 17 23:06:10 PDT 2001

I haven't seen anything on this for awhile. On Mar 9 a thread started
about making the SAXBuilder/SAXHandler classes able to recieve factories
for the creation of the dom nodes( jdom nodes i guess) and a proposed
patch was posted. But since then I haven't seen a report on the status
and I noticed that the SAXHandler has been pulled out into a class of
its own, therby rendering the patch useless.

Are there plans to add this functionality? Were there problems with the
patch? I realise you guys are busy and seem to only have the two of you
checking in code ( is it possible to get check-in privileges? ) but
there seemed to be some interest in this subject. I'm interested because
I need to serialize data from a JTree and since the serialization isn't
version safe on these yet I need another method. I'd like to be able to
create jdom nodes that also extend mutable tree nodes ( maybe ), but it
looks like I need this factory functionality to do it. This would allow
me to control the structure of the data and the resulting display of the
tree through dom. I'm still working on the design, but these factories
look to be crucial.

Whoa </tangent>

Anway, any news on the factories for builders stuff?


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