[jdom-interest] Factories for Builders

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Apr 18 00:41:56 PDT 2001

John Gaunt wrote:
> I haven't seen anything on this for awhile. On Mar 9 a thread started
> about making the SAXBuilder/SAXHandler classes able to recieve factories
> for the creation of the dom nodes( jdom nodes i guess) and a proposed
> patch was posted. But since then I haven't seen a report on the status
> and I noticed that the SAXHandler has been pulled out into a class of
> its own, therby rendering the patch useless.

The latest status is that I'm waiting for someone out there to try the
patch and write in with their constructive feedback.  No one has
responded to my call as of yet, unless I missed it.  I'll get around to
reviewing it myself at some point and doing some sanity testing
experimentation, but I'd really prefer someone who plans to use this
builder-factory functionality on a *real* project to try out the patch
and its approach and see if it satisfies their needs.  Once the patch
gets a review, I'll pop its integration to the top of my stack.

So John, care to give the patch a test?  Maybe while you're at it bring
it up to date with the latest code?


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