[jdom-interest] addNamespaceDeclaration()

D Gross justdave at onebox.com
Wed Apr 18 13:55:22 PDT 2001

> This is clearly NOT the intended result!  Before I/we confirm this
bug, are
> you using the latest cvs version of JDOM?

No, I am using the latest released version: beta 6.  I attempted to move
to the latest version in CVS, but apparently quite a bit has change in
SAXBuilder.java, which I had changed locally in order to instantiate
my own subclasses of Element and Attribute.  Since this looks like too
big of a thing for me to swallow at the moment, I guess I'll just have
to live with it.

I understand that JDOM is still beta, but at some point, you will have
to be able to support the last built release and not expect us to be
at the bleeding edge with you.

-- Dave
D Gross
justdave at onebox.com

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