[jdom-interest] addNamespaceDeclaration()

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Apr 18 15:19:36 PDT 2001

> No, I am using the latest released version: beta 6.  I attempted to move
> to the latest version in CVS, but apparently quite a bit has change in
> SAXBuilder.java, which I had changed locally in order to instantiate
> my own subclasses of Element and Attribute.  Since this looks like too
> big of a thing for me to swallow at the moment, I guess I'll just have
> to live with it.
> I understand that JDOM is still beta, but at some point, you will have
> to be able to support the last built release and not expect us to be
> at the bleeding edge with you.

I suspect your bug has been fixed in the current code headed toward
beta7.  So you have three options:  Wait for beta7, get what's in CVS
today, or try to merge the patch into beta6 yourself.  Those are three
pretty good options, IMO.  From the above it sounds like you diverged
from beta6, so that puts responsibility for support of that diverged
codebase onto you.  That's the way of open source.  You're free to
diverge, but the main trunk goes on.

Sounds like you'd benefit from integration of a factory model into
SAXBuilder, so I might also suggest you spend some time trying out Ken's
patch and reporting back how well it solves your problem.  That way
you'd help the patch get integrated, and after that you could hop back
on the main trunk.


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